Triple A Experience

Triple A Experience: Academics, Arts & Athletics
Posted on 03/11/2023
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DeSoto ISD is continuing to clarify and define the Triple-A Experience for its school community and scholars. The Triple-A Experience gives credence to the district’s holistic and well-rounded approach to educating scholars through academics, arts, and athletics and is an opportunity to more deeply engage students and their families in the educational offerings available in DeSoto ISD.

An article published via Learning Sciences International cited the difference high student engagement makes in achievement and outcomes.

According to educational neuroscience expert Dr. David Sousa, who was cited in the article, “[...]  student engagement can be defined as ‘the amount of attention, interest, curiosity, and positive emotional connections that students have when they are learning, whether in the classroom or on their own’.”

In the published piece, Dr. Sousa’s research and observation cited engaged students:

  • Enjoy achieving their learning goals

  •  Have more motivation to participate in class

  •  Are more likely to persist through challenges in learning

  •  Feel intrinsically motivated to gain new and deeper understanding

Sousa also noted that one of the main reasons why student engagement is so important is because the associated skills and habits – motivation, the joy of learning, persistence, and curiosity – set students up to thrive in college and their careers.

DeSoto ISD’s strategy to help students and their families experience such deep engagement en route to academic success and achievement is the DeSoto ISD Triple-A Experience.

Read more about each strand of the Triple-A Experience below:


  • DeSoto ISD is working to reshape the full pre-kindergarten through post-grad experiences for scholars and families and is focused on creating a system that is responsive to the interests and gifts of students while also creating learning experiences that reflect professional industries in a modern world.

  • Academically, DeSoto ISD continues to take significant steps forward towards excellence with an improved TEA Academic accountability rating each year for the last three years. DeSoto ISD is now one of the higher-rated school systems in the Best Southwest.

  • Every elementary student in DeSoto ISD attends an A or B Rated school according to TEA. And we're just continuing to roll up our sleeves and develop great programs and learning experiences for scholars and their families in DeSoto ISD rooted in the DeSoto ISD Triple A Experience.

  • DeSoto ISD  has strong hands-on, project-based learning for K12 scholars that includes cross-curricular STEM education, immersive dual language programs, early childhood programs, and increasing student and staff access to technology and tech-based curriculum and learning resources.

  • DeSoto ISD has one of the metroplex's largest offerings in career and technical education, preparing students for careers with certifications and licensing but also college readiness with programs like our Early College that provides students free access to college courses including books and transportation and an opportunity to earn an associate degree or 60 college credit hours.

  • The last three graduating classes in DeSoto ISD averaged roughly $15M in scholarships which speaks to how we are preparing scholars for post-grad experiences.

  • The District reintroduced choice programs that will grow and expand to advance as the district moves forward into the future.

  • STEM


  • DeSoto ISD offers a K-12 arts-immersive curriculum for students interested in an arts-focused academic experience.

  • DeSoto has been named one of the best communities for arts education six years in a row by the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA).

  • Arts scholars travel and compete nationally and internationally in a multitude of fine arts disciplines.

  • Choral scholars are training under highly decorated instructors including two-time Grammy-nominated and Grammy Award-winning Choir director Pamela Dawson who was selected for excellence in Music Education.

  • DeSoto ISD band programs are headed by a nationally recognized director, Delton Brown, and are a launch pad for students’ ability to pursue music at the collegiate level.

  • DeSoto ISD dance programs under the direction of Regina Tucker continue to shine on stage, winning a 2023 state championship title for their ability.

  • DeSoto ISD theatre programs offer full-scale productions of classical and contemporary pieces designed to give students front-of-house, center-stage, and back-of-house experiences.


  • DeSoto ISD is challenging and preparing its scholars both on and off the court or field. 

  • The district has won more than 20 state championships including this year's football title, back-to-back girls' basketball state titles, a boys' basketball state title, and a host of titles in girls' track.

  • DeSoto ISD has a regular cadence of scholar-athletes transitioning to college athletics at major colleges and universities and some going on to compete nationally and internationally at the professional level.

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