DHS Students Learn from Real Estate Pro

DeSoto High School Students Learn About Real Estate From a Top Industry Professional
Posted on 03/21/2023
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It’s not every day one of the nation’s top real estate agents drops by voluntarily to teach a high school class. 


Chief Executive Officer and owner of Prime One Loans, Beniasha Poole-Watson, did just that for the real estate class at DeSoto High School. 


“The goal is to educate the students, get them to believe in real estate and build generational wealth,” said Poole-Watson, who sells over 400 homes per year. “It was essential for me to be here, and I’m excited to be a part of DeSoto ISD’s program.” 


Students were able to learn about the different kinds of housing properties, lending options, the advantages of buying instead of renting and much more.  


Poole-Watson brings to the table a long list of accomplishments and accolades that includes spending nine years in the United State Air Force, holding two master’s degrees and a law degree. 


In 2005, she hit the ground running as a real estate agent that has led to being named the No. 2 Realtor in Dallas, Texas, No. 19 in the State of Texas and Top 100 Real Estate Agent in the United States of America. 


Even over the last five years, she has built and developed over 20 custom home properties. 


“For her to come here, it gives us a really big advantage to meet someone who has a lot of experience,” said DHS senior Jace Lowe. “So, for her to actually take the time to come see us, it was very enlightening.” 


DHS senior Alana Bitting, on the other hand, feels that Poole-Watson’s visit opened her eyes to what a career in real estate could do for her. 


“Seeing someone who looks like me, can pretty much do anything they want and make the amount of money they want without having to worry, was just amazing. ” 


DHS senior Emmanual Cervantez, meanwhile, knows this is a new beginning for the district. 


“We never had anything like this. Obviously, she took the time and effort to give us this presentation. It provides us a whole new opportunity.” 


Having a class like this in every school in America would be so beneficial, according to Poole-Watson. She is, however, happy that DeSoto ISD does offer it to its students. 


“If this was in schools across the United States, we could change the world, especially for minorities and for those who come from the culture of renting. If you have the foundation where you dream bigger and you see bigger, then you do bigger.”