Senior Sunrise Event

Senior Sunrise Event
Posted on 09/22/2023
Senior Sunrise Event

Reflecting on the past and celebrating the start of their senior year, the  DeSoto High School Class of 2024 began the first day of their final high school academic year together watching the sunrise during the inaugural Senior Sunrise event held at Eagle Stadium. 

Several community leaders, elected city and state officials, clergy members, parents, district trustees, leaders, and administrators attended the event which included a light breakfast, encouraging words and smiles, and prayers for a successful school year. The early morning event was organized by DHS Project Graduation, the campus Parent-Teacher-Student-Association, and a group of community volunteers who desired to help these students have a memorable start to their senior year. 

Faith Community Bible Church Pastor Curt Krohn was among the volunteers who were present to serve, encourage, and ensure the students saw a village of community support.

“The reason for conducting the Senior Sunrise on the first day of class as the sun rose was to impress upon the students the significance of this particular year in their life and the importance of the first steps they are taking at the beginning of their senior year of high school,” shared Pastor Krohn. “Our only hope and dream for these seniors is safety, significance, and success as they complete their final year of high school and step into the rest of their lives."   

Several students attended the event and now cherish the memory and hope this was the start of a new tradition for future senior classes. 

DHS Class of 2024 president Abiba Moncriffe is glad she chose to attend this event on day one.

“I decided to attend Senior Sunrise because it seemed like a fun and creative way to start my final year of school and to physically hope for a good year,” said Moncriffe. “I do hope this event will continue in years to come because it is a fun idea and a beautiful experience.

DHS senior Benny Castille appreciates the positive memory created for him and his peers and anticipates many more memorable moments during the year. 

“The Senior Sunrise event was a first, but it demonstrated to us all that despite our differences, we can all find ways to get along and have fun. It gathered students, friends, and family together in one location and really helped us see the goals we had been pursuing since we were little.”

Castille continued to define the intrinsic value this event added to the DHS senior experience. 

“Senior sunrise may appear to be just another activity on the school calendar, but for kids who are about to finish high school, it has special meaning,” he said. “It's a custom that encourages harmony, introspection, and admiration. It's a meaningful and lasting way to usher in the start of our senior year of high school, and it's a tradition that ought to be treasured and kept up for future generations.”

Castille and Moncriffe's expressions complement the desired outcome of this experience as noted by Pastor Krohn, who believes that the DeSoto community has a responsibility to communicate that they value those students who call DeSoto ISD their home. "Student culture is extremely important and we would love to see each graduating senior be proud of the place from which they graduated. These seniors need to be aware that they are important, and loved, have limitless potential, and that there is a community with high expectations for each of them,” expressed Pastor Krohn.

“Involving the community in the lives of our graduates, as well as the rest of the student body, will hopefully translate into increased school spirit and a greater vision in the community of what our school system is attempting to produce in the lives of our graduates. We hope that by serving the students, we can encourage a sense of community among the seniors and larger student body that translates into lasting relationships of mutual concern and support."

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