DeSoto ISD: Custodian Groundskeeper Day

DeSoto ISD: Custodian Groundskeeper Day
Posted on 10/02/2023
DeSoto ISD: Custodian Groundskeeper DayThese individuals are essential members of our school community and often operate behind the scenes to keep our school district running smoothly. Our custodians and groundskeepers are tasked with the work many might take for granted because it is completed so seamlessly and consistently.

While delivering outstanding services and keeping our buildings well-maintained, our dedicated custodians and groundskeepers contribute to critical first impressions and the success of the district. Whether it is cleaning the floors, windows, restrooms, classrooms, mowing the landscape, and even keeping our building exteriors free of debris, our children and families are safe to utilize our school grounds.

Our Custodians and Groundskeepers are the people called upon to provide a polished look and pleasing presentation. The skills, experience and knowledge of these professionals save the district money as they use their resources and talents efficiently. Their work is physically demanding and they are consistently ensuring all our learning spaces are ready, safe and healthy for our staff, scholars and their families.

Today, we publicly acknowledge and celebrate their contributions and appreciate these Eagles daily!

Thank you to the Custodians and Groundskeepers! It is our hope you feel the love and gratitude today, and throughout the year.
National Custodian Groundskeeper Day